Security & Threat Management

Protecting What Matters

Cyber security is not a luxury. Keeping your business running day-to-day means end-to-end management of your information systems.

To protect your business from downtime, a threat management strategy must include both prevention and cure, as well as recovery procedures in the event of an incident. Uptime’s engineering team has designed a multi-layered approach to IT security to counter the ever-evolving attacks on your systems.

Various industry standard systems such as anti-malware and antivirus software, firewalls, content management systems, and network communication filters, are combined with unique configuration policies developed by our specialists with over 18 years of experience to keep your business protected. Backup systems are designed to be kept up-to-date, and both secure from attack and quickly accessible, so that recovering from backups is quick and easy.

The result? Your business keeps running without you having to worry about your IT. With threats accounted for and systems in flight, you’re now ready for whatever your business may face. 

Uptime Computing can draft network topologies, to give greater visibility and inform your operational strategy.  Submit an enquiry via the form below.